We solve all your problems when it comes to air
conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration.
  • Stay cool and comfortable all summer with an air conditioning system installed by Mason Air Conditioning.
  • Keep the family warm and dry all winter with a heat pump installed by Mason Air Conditioning.
  • Keep your food products, wine and beer cool; Mason Air Conditioning can help with a refrigeration system.  

At Mason Air Conditioning we are experts at installing, maintaining and repairing air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration systems.  Travelling the greater Auckland area, we pride ourselves on top-quality customer service for all our clients’ heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration needs. 

“I would happily recommend Mason Air Conditioning.”

Our trained technicians not only install heat pumps, but respond quickly when your heat pump or refrigeration needs repair.  And for the maintenance of your refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pumps, we are second-to-none.  With our regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your air conditioning unit, or your heat pumps or refrigeration system.  Happy customers stick with Mason Air Conditioning because they get value-for-money service which increases the effectiveness of their heat pumps, refrigeration or air conditioning. 

“We have used Mason for over 10 years.”

Mason Air Conditioning technicians help you reduce the cost of running air conditioning, refrigeration or heat pumps – so your systems pay for themselves more quickly and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Mason Air Conditioning is IQP registered and fully compliant which enables us to supply your building with a current 12a certificate – a warrant of fitness – for mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems.


Mason Air Conditioning Limited is so confident with the quality of the brands they install that they stand by their manufacturers 5 year parts and labour warranty on new installations! For more information contact us today.



At Mason Air Conditioning we have our customers' values in mind so we provide a 24 hour service and can assure customers we can prioritize calls to speed response times. Click here to read more.


Electrical Maintenance, Automation and Engineering
At Mason Air Conditioning we can now offer Electrical servicing along with all our HVAC services we offer. Click here to transfer to masonelectrix.




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First-rate refrigeration, air conditioning
and heat pump installers


  • Stay cool and comfortable with Mason Air Conditioning’s expert air conditioning installers.
  • Keep the family warm and dry when you use Mason Air Conditioning heat pump installers.
  • Cool your food products, wine and beer: Mason Air Conditioning professional refrigeration installation.   read more.
For heat pump, refrigeration and air
conditioning repairs and maintenance


  • Save money: maintenance will prolong the life of your equipment to reduce costly repairs.
  • Smooth running: reduce expensive refrigeration repair with regular upkeep.
  • Heat pump repairs and maintenance for a warm, dry environment. read more.
Commercial air conditioning, commercial
refrigeration and commercial heat pumps


  • Keep your building cool by talking to Mason Air Conditioning about your commercial air conditioning needs.
  • Warm your office by talking to Mason Air Conditioning about commercial heat pumps.
  • From chillers to cool-stores; call Mason Air Conditioning for commercial refrigeration. read more.