About Us

Mason Air Conditioning Ltd is based in Auckland, and although predominately serving the greater Auckland area, will go outside this by client arrangement. We are a company that provides customer service within the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

Mason Air Conditioning Ltd prides itself on professional service and the ability to employ and train people to become professional and competent engineers in this industry. We are committed to bring people through the industry by having our own workplace assessor. All employees go through a modern apprenticeship and learn off the experience already in the company. Being able to work beside experienced engineers has its advantages and only helps the development of its employees and the business.

Trevor Mason, director, has a long history in the industry and a lot of respect amongst his peers. In 1970 he began his apprenticeship, with Fisher and Paykel Engineering Ltd, who at the time was Auckland's largest air conditioning and refrigeration company, later completing his Trade Certificate and Electrical in 1976.

Along with his brother they started Mason Refrigeration Ltd in November 1982 and built up a very successful refrigeration and air conditioning business.

In 1997 they specialised in different fields, Trevor continued on with the service, maintenance and installation of air conditioning and refrigeration and launched Mason Air Conditioning Ltd, which holds a strong position in the marketplace today.

With nearly forty years experience Trevor's expertise is essential to any project big or small. The team at Mason Air Conditioning Ltd has the advantage of having his knowledge and experience so accessible to them, especially with his hands on approach.


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First-rate refrigeration, air conditioning
and heat pump installers


  • Stay cool and comfortable with Mason Air Conditioning’s expert air conditioning installers.
  • Keep the family warm and dry when you use Mason Air Conditioning heat pump installers.
  • Cool your food products, wine and beer: Mason Air Conditioning professional refrigeration installation.   read more.
For heat pump, refrigeration and air
conditioning repairs and maintenance


  • Save money: maintenance will prolong the life of your equipment to reduce costly repairs.
  • Smooth running: reduce expensive refrigeration repair with regular upkeep.
  • Heat pump repairs and maintenance for a warm, dry environment. read more.
Commercial air conditioning, commercial
refrigeration and commercial heat pumps


  • Keep your building cool by talking to Mason Air Conditioning about your commercial air conditioning needs.
  • Warm your office by talking to Mason Air Conditioning about commercial heat pumps.
  • From chillers to cool-stores; call Mason Air Conditioning for commercial refrigeration. read more.